Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sleep Study, Lidocaine Infusion & Savella

I wasn't planning on posting for a few more days, but I found out some interesting information about my sleep pattern. I met with a doctor at the Sleep Disorder Clinic to discuss the possibility of having Sleep Apnea. I was referred by my pain doctor as well and the Endocrinologist (my primary doctor had alluded to my having one done as well). I didn't really take the recommendation seriously until I recently had an issue with my Thyroid plummeting and the Endocrinologist suggested having it done. I spent the night at the Sleep Disorder Clinic last night with some reservation. It was a much better situation than I had built up in my head. It took a couple of hours to get all the leads attached and get situated for bed. I took my regular evening medication, just a little earlier than usual. I had a typical night sleep there as compared to home. I feel like I slept the first couple of hours and then began awaking due to my pain level; spending the rest of the night turning and moving while the pain increased. They were originally intending to come in around hour two and hooking me up with the sleep machine, however that never happened. I woke up to realize that they never put the machine on me. The cause was that I never entered REM sleep. I don't understand sleep patterns at all, but will get an education from the doctor after they fully examine my results. The preliminary information that I have been told is that there were a couple brief moments that I began to enter REM sleep and then didn't go into it. So, what that means is that I could be severely sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation can cause so many ailments and if not could possibly contribute to them immensely. So, I am anxious to get the final results! In either case, I will need to return to the sleep center for a second study, one to include using the mask to see if that will help put me into a solid REM pattern. Needless to say I am surprised and curious. I am curious to see what I could feel like with some real sleep. I would suggest to anyone that has Fibromyalgia to have a sleep study done. Sleep deprivation can contribute to you developing Fibromyalgia.
On another note, I have already been called to have my first IV Lidocaine Infusion at the hospital this Thursday afternoon. I am hopeful and apprehensive about it. What if I have a reaction? What if it doesn't help? What if it does help? It seems a bit drastic to me and in the area of the unknown, but I am so hopeful that it will give me some relief. Wish me luck!
As for the Savella, I have just completed day 13 at the therapeutic level and so far so good. I do not have any side-effects from it at all. I felt more in the beginning that it was helping, but I am not having the same sensation now. I hope it begins to help again soon. Take care everyone and more to come.

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