Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Power of Fever

Unfortunately, I was not able to have my first IV Lidocaine Infusion today. I have had a 101 fever for most of the day and have not been able to bring it down. So, I have postponed until I return from my daughter's graduation. As for the Savella, I am on day 17 with not much to report. At this point, I think I could take it or leave it. Realistically leaving it is foremost in my mind. I feel as though it is another medication in my system that doesn't need to be there because I am not getting much relief from it. However, if I am to stop it I may then realize just how much it is helping. I truly am at a crossroads with it. Today has been a strange day for me with getting ready for our trip and struggling with the fever and all over feeling pretty horrible. I am so scared of what the next couple of weeks will bring. It is really hard leaving my surroundings that I have made most comfortable for me. It is becoming more difficult to leave this cave that I have created. But I am so excited to watch my daughter accept her college diploma. My pride will override my physical struggles.

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