Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Continuing Savella - Day 9

I have finished the Savella 4-week Titration Pack increase to this point:
12.5mg - 1 per day (one day)
12.5mg - 2 per day (two days)
25 mg - 2 per day (four days)
50 mg - 2 per day (twenty-one days).
I am on my second day at the full dosage. The first day was pretty hard as I wrote about before. It then changed rather quickly on day 3 & 4. For the first time in quite some time, I had some energy and decrease in overall pain. It is like tension is being relieved. The only thing I can equate it to is when you realize that you have been tense and you drop your shoulders and take a deep breath. You just realize that you can relax. This medication doesn't make me feel like a narcotic does when you first begin taking them. No euphoria, no feelings like you are relaxed and can take a nap. I don't feel any of that. I feel as though my stress and tension like a balloon slowly losing its air. The first couple of days I felt like I was nauseous and a little dizzy and my skin would crawl. I no longer have those sensations. I truly don't feel like I have any side effects at this point. This is truly amazing, because I am always oversensitive to all medications. Sensitivity to medication is common for people with Lupus SLE. I am still feeling hopeful and I hope I can continue with the titration pack and be able to move onto maintenance. With the experiences that I have had with medication, I am still somewhat cautious to celebrate. All I can say is that I am on day 9 and looking forward to what day 10 may bring. For those of you that are reading my blog as a source to gather information for themselves and their journey with Fibromyalgia & Lupus, this is my current medication regimen for now.
- Plaquenil 2 x day 200mg
- Neurontin 3 x day 1 100mg at bedtime and two 300mg daily
- Oxycontin 2 x day 2-15 mg in the morning 1-15mg at bedtime
- Lorazepam 2 x day 1mg
- Amitriptyline 1 x day 25mg at bedtime
- Ambien 1 x day 20mg at bedtime
- Percoset 2 x day 7.5-325mg (as needed for breakthrough pain)
- Savella 2 x day 50mg
More to come...

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Rosa said...

I too have SLE and fibro. I also have sjogrens, IBS, and PCOS. I finally gave in and decided to take something for my fibro, my husband and I were trying to conceive but have put plans on hold, my doctor prescribed me sevella today. My question is what time of day should I start the very first pill? The pack says evening but I am reading from alot of people to take doses in the morning. Hope this medication helps you :)