Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Elusive "Savella"

Well, I figured that I have been keeping all my readers/supports up on every treatment, doctor appointments, feelings, and such that I would like to take the next month to have you follow along with me on my journey with the new medication Savella. This will be like a note board each day telling you how I am doing, what it is helping, what isn't helping, new conditions or side/effects that I may be dealing with, and how I am coping. I hope that this information will be beneficial to either you or someone that you may know who could benefit from this information. Please feel free to pass on my Blog to anyone that is struggling with Lupus SLE, Sjogren's, Fibromyalgia, etc. that may receive some benefit from the life that I am living to help you all learn through my struggles. Here we go.
I am on a 4-week Titration Pack of Savella, new treatment for Fibromyalgia pain.
DAY 1: Took one 12.5mg at 2:30 in the afternoon. Within 15 minutes felt like my head was crawling, then became very tired, so I laid down for a short nap. During the nap, I had some minor muscle twitching in my legs and arms, still had the head creepy crawlies going on. 4:00 noticed a big change of impatience and by 6:00 I was in a rage. Everything bothered me. Sounds, noises, silence, warmth, cold, light, darkness, everything became a nuisance to me. By 8:00 P.M. I couldn't think well and became overwhelmed. In it's defence there is a lot going on in my life personally right now anyway. 9:00 I felt like my head was going to spin around...too anxious. It is now 10:13 p.m. and I have somewhat settled down to be able to focus on typing this note to you all. Well, the first day wasn't all that great and I have hope for tomorrow. It will get easier...I pray. This was one pill 12.5 mg and tomorrow I will take two 12.5 mg tables over the course of the day. I will stay at this dose for two full days. I will write once I have completed the next two doses. Wish me and the ones I love luck and prayers to be able to hang on and give this medication a fair enough time to properly evaluate the medicine's potential. Thanks everyone that reads, all the best to you and yours. Talk to you soon.

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Sandra said...

Icky side effects! May they go away soon, and may the benefits appear quickly and greatly outweigh them. Hugs.