Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Accident - No Stress Pt2

Well it has been five long days since the car accident. I have been having much difficulty with my right side with my thumb, thighs, toe, ankle, with severe neck and back spasms. I am still having shoulder pains and severe jaw pain and head pain. I fee like I have more movement, but it makes it difficult to move around the house, because we have six levels of stairs and I am unable to use well. I had my first unattended shower yesterday with great effort and pain. All-in-all we are thankful and are working with the auto insurance and taking it one day at a time. My whole family see our family doctor to follow-up on any aches and pains this Monday. Fortunately, my lupus rash has been dormant (thank God). I think I have been trying to follow the rules for my body to heal well without spuring on a Lupus Flare.

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Nicole Scholz said...

I am so sorry to hear about your car accident. Not like Lupus isn't hard enough to deal with. My Lupus hit me literally almost overnight, 9 yrs ago. If your interested in possibly keeping in touch, It's not easy finding people who actually understand the daily life we lead.

I hope your having a "Good" day, today I am just mainly sleepy, low grade fever and some mild RA pain.