Friday, May 1, 2009

PoCo JO-0 Jelly Jar-1

What can I say...the title says it all? I am so angry that I cannot find words. What has my life come down to? Should I have my family pre-open and loosely leave all the jars in the house open, just in case I would like to make the hike to the kitchen to prepare myself a PB&J. I may want to feel like I am successful at something...anything right now. However, I am defeated by the jelly jar. Where is the person that I used to know? I could open anything and do anything; people would ask me to open things when they couldn't. I know that this may seem a bit ridiculous to most, but to me it has me all fired up! So I wait...wait...wait...until my daughter gets home - 'MY DAUGHTER" so that she can open it for me; except by then I probably I will have already eaten my days worth of calories out of the easy open packaging; you know like chips, chocolate mints, cookies, and I can still manage to get the ice cream lid open! Thanks to the microwave (special thanks to Kayla).
I know that to most people this would be such a trivial issue, but it isn't for me now. I too would have thought the same thing. My family slogan that I have been told since a young child has been "Just Get Over It". It is really hard to face limitations especially new limitations and so for me recognizing my limitations has come down to a basic jelly jar and a simple PB&J sandwich.
As the days and years go on I will slowly come to grips with and learn my limitations and yes even learn how to accept help.
I didn't even want that stupid sandwich anyway! :-)

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