Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Circling in the Round-About

Not much has changed since I last posted. I am still on the same medication plan and still waiting for the doc's to get their communication together and set my appointment with the Endocrinologist. The last I heard the Endocrinologist had my file and is reviewing my case. Their office should be calling once he has completed his review. I am feeling like it will probably be after Christmas at this point. I am hoping that the .50 mcg increase in my Levothyroxine will start to give me an increase in energy soon. It is frustrating that I can only increase in small increments and this process will take a lot longer than I have patience for. I recently caught a cold that has moved to my sinuses. However, I am holding off going to the doctor because I go so often for my ongoing health issues that when I get a basic illness I put off going when I probably should. I believe I have a sinus infection, which is common to get when you are on a continuous regimen of antibiotics...apparently, so I have read. The one appointment that I did go to this week was with the Psychiatrist for my standard bi-monthly appointment and due to my thyroid situation we can't change my medications at all other than to stop one because we wouldn't be able to tell if the changes were caused from any medication changes or my thyroid, so for now we are just treading water in that area. Actually every aspect of my medical plan is at a stand still until my thyroid problem is figured out. I feel like a prisoner to my thyroid. It is unbelievable how much control one little gland can have on your life. So, here I am waiting and wondering what will be next. For now I am in a roundabout just circling. I am looking forward to Christmas but I would be lying if I didn't say that I am also anxious about it; anxious of how my body will hold up and my stamina with the hussle and bussle of activities. I don't want to miss a moment with my family.

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