Tuesday, December 15, 2009

All I Want for Christmas

I never thought that I would be excited to go to a doctor appointment in my life. Fortunately, the Endocrinologists' office called this morning and I have an appointment for tomorrow at 1:30 due to a cancellation. My appointment was originally scheduled for January 12th. I have been living my life in a coma-type state with such a low thyroid for no apparent reason. I am hopeful that we can be one step closer to figuring out why my endocrine system isn't properly maintaining my thyroid level, body temperature, etc. I am really hopeful that whatever he may find he can put me on a regimen that will help my metabolism to assist with decreasing the weight that I have put on in the past nine months. Most realistically, I am more concerned about my physical limitations than my weight, although the quick increase in weight has affected everything (joints, muscles, etc.).
All I want for Christmas is that the doctors figure out this puzzle that doesn't seem to have any edge pieces. Merry Christmas!

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Careccia said...

I am the Loving Husband piece of the puzzle.