Saturday, November 14, 2009

Antibiotics vs. Me

Hello everyone! Sorry I am falling behind on the updates. I am having a hard time writing because I am really tired of appearing to be so negative. Well, since Halloween I have had one procedure and have been having a struggle with my chronic infection. The doctors treated me with the seventh round of antibiotics and after my procedure at the Urologist they decided to me on "permanent" antibiotic treatment. They put me on Macrobid continuously. I made it through one week and my stomach is feeling the wrath along with headaches and severe nausea. I would go into detail but it is just too much. I just can't handle the medicine. I have decided to stop it because of the horrible side effects not to mention that while on it my fevers went to the highest that they have been at 101.5. I haven't even felt any relief from my infections. IV treatment may be the only alternative. Today is my first 24 hrs. off of the antibiotic and my stomach feels so much better, but now I get to face the doc's on Monday to plead my case. I feel like I am facing punishment from my parents. I don't know what the plan will be from here, but for the moment I am having relief from the side-effects and will take advantage of that. I see my Rheumy this week to face more tests. I received my first decline for Social Security, so the lawyer called me this week and told me that this is completely normal and expected. We spent about an hour going over everything so she can put my first appeal together. From everything she said, I am not worried and she will continue to appeal until if and when we need to go before a Judge. It is so sad that we have to endure the red tape all the while dealing with so many specialists, multitude of testing, and paperwork upon paperwork when I can hardly get out of bed some days and a lot of the time can't put a thought together, let alone put my entire last year and a half and lifetime together on paper. So many details and diagnosis issues to remember. I have to keep an ongoing log of conditions for my LTD insurance which is really helpful for SSDI. I am lucky to have my husband to help me and I am so sorry for the people that may not have an advocate working for them. I can't imagine! This is a humbling and tiring experience but I never lose sight of how lucky I truly am in spite of everything.

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