Friday, October 9, 2009


I have been back now from my trip for a while and still recovering from the bug that I caught. I am pretty happy to say that I didn't end up going to the doctor for it and I believe I am on the tail end. It is big news to us when my body is able to fight off an illness. I have had a lot of personal stress going on at the same time, which has made for a difficult couple of weeks. Hopefully, it has settled down and will clear up soon. It is interesting when you make an active decision to not let stress affect you. We are able to do that to a point, but the reality is it is still there under all the statements of "oh I am not going to worry about it". The difference is just how much you let yourself get emotionally involved. I am happy to say that I have learned to control the stress that affects my immediate family, because the damage to my Lupus and affect that it has on my family just isn't worth the investment. We have enough to worry about and I choose which drama to let in. This has been an internal change since June 15th of 2008 when I was told that I had Systemic Lupus and all the baggage that goes along with it. Everyday that I have without severe side-effects from my illness is a day that I will not give away to someone else. It is time to be selfish for myself.

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Art said...

Poco Jo,
Sorry to contact you here through a comment. I didn't know how to reach you.

I wanted to pass along a new Lupus resource.

It is through a website

It is a community of lupus folks that interact online to give one another support.

There is a dedicated physician on the site to answer questions for the patients.

We originated as a group of doctors dedicated to helping people online in a way to help with high health care costs. The idea is to give a free resource to people that need alternative opinions and information. There are a lot of people that have limited access to health care (can’t find a specialist in their area, long wait times, etc.). This way it is easier for a smaller number of physicians to help a larger number of people.

Dr. Shanahan is the doctor. He is board certified in Rheumatology and trained at Duke University

In addition, we will be incorporating 'health trackers' soon! This tool can be used by the patients to track their symptoms and to see what may be contributing to them.

Physicians for Patients will also be looking for associations (trends in complex data sets of the cumulative data collected in this large community of patients. This is done in an automated anonymous manner). This is the exciting part! Our hope is to identify correlations between symptoms, daily activities, medications, and the environment. This will help us to better understand Lupus and hopefully to guide us to new potential treatments.

Please help us to spread the word about what we are trying to do (any group messages that can be sent/ links/ blogs are much appreciated) In order for us to make some new head way into better understanding lupus through identifying new correlations we need quite a large people to participate.



Dr. K