Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Antibiodic Isn't Working...

Well yesterday wasn't a good day. I did visit the Opthalmologist for my one year Plaquenil eye check-up and at least thank God, I am not showing any signs of Plaquenil build up in either eye. I am very thankful for that. I hope to hear from my Rheumatologist today on the results of my chest CT and Echo cardiogram as well as which Immuno-Suppresive medication she is moving me to. I will go off of the Plaquenil and move to the next level of medication. The Plaquenil isn't doing as well as either of us would like in holding back the Lupus flares and at this point we are going to by-pass the Prednisone due to the weight that I have put on from all the other medications and go to the next level of treatment. I am worried and don't know what this will bring to me physically, but am relieved that I have gone around the prednisone for now.
I am still fighting the bladder infection and I am on day 10 of the antibiotic. I don't think that it was strong enough to kick the infection. The antibiotic has only given me a secondary infection of misery (we women understand the drawback of taking an antibiotic).
If I don't hear from my Rheumy today, I will be calling tomorrow for some direction and urine re-check for the current blood and protein levels. The fevers are still the same - high 101.5 and I have dipped to 98.8 once in the past 10 days, but I usually circle around 99.5 - 100.

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