Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Woke up in a cloud of confusion...what's new

Don't you just hate it when you wake up and am confused as to where you are, what you are suppose to do, and what did I forget...worse yet WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO BE! Well that was my morning. John had left for work and gave me a sweet kiss goodbye (that I remember) and he kindly set my alarm so that I would wake up to take our youngest daughter to school and then go to one of my (8) doctors appointments. I heard Jenna and figured I was late, promptly turned off the alarm 2 minutes before it was to go off (so I thought), jumped (slowly slid) out of bed, brushed my hair and teeth, tried to put on my jeans (have put on too much weight from the meds) that no longer recognize that they belong to me. Anyway, threw the dog in the kitchen and verified with Jenna what we needed to do today and I thought I had five minutes before leaving. She looked at me like she didn't quite understand what I was doing. On the days that I have my doctor appointments I can't take any medicine because I am driving and they always change them at each meeting (it seems) so I am off balance both physically and mentally early in the morning and after having taken my meds. Needless to say I was one hour early and had myself in such a frenzied blur that I didn't know anything. Thanks for my sweet girl. She is a big help to keep me on track and never hesitates to remind me of most everything. So here I set waiting for my pajama pants to dry. YES, I AM GOING TO THE DOCTOR IN MY PAJAMAS! I am not wearing the clothes that don't fit me anymore. If I am going to get poked, jabbed, interrogated, and redirected on my care plan; I am going to do it comfortably. Be back soon! :-)

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