Sunday, September 13, 2009

Running out of Options

Well, I went to the doctor this past Friday. Things were so horrible for me Thursday that I almost went to the ER. I have to be near death to go through the process at the emergency room. For anyone that has a bladder or kidney infection you know what I mean. My temperature spiked back up to 101.5 and the pain was excruciating along with the nausea, etc. All this while in the middle of my fourth round of antibiotics. I knew that something was wrong. I called the doctors office and the nurse called me back immediately and made an appt. for me to go in in the morning. I have a complicated case because I have Lupus as well as a severe allergic reaction to medications due to my hypersensitivity. The doctor did a thorough exam and the good news is that my lungs were clear. I had been concerned because I had shortness of breath and burning in my chest when I coughed on Wednesday. Apparently when things decide to go bad it can happen really fast. After the exam my doctor just looked at me and said that we had ran out of options to fight this infection and that we needed to use an antibiotic that I have had a known allergic reaction to because the risk of the ongoing infection and damage to my kidneys was worse than the potential reaction to the meds. I didn't have a choice. I started the meds immediately and after just the first dose my vision was being affected. It has been a hellish weekend for me and I have yet to see any positive results. However, I haven't had any serious side effects enough to make me stop the medication. I am keeping my fingers crossed that somehow I might actually kick this infection, but this has been a true fight. I am proud that my body has been holding up as well as it has over the past 4-5 moths fighting this thing. October 7th can't get here fast enough. That is when I will see the Urologist and hopefully get some things figured out. Just drinking true cranberry juice and a lot of water. glug glug glug

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Lois Gonseth said...

This may be a duplicate comment - not sure if the first one got posted. To let you know that my heart goes out to you. John was good enough to email me in July. I will pray for you, John and your precious girls. Love, Lois Gonseth in MO.