Thursday, May 28, 2009

Living Inside the Wolves Den

Well over the past week or two I have been having some breathing issues, not too bothersome but quite noticeable. It could be so many things as simple as allergies but when you have Lupus they need to rule out if it is actively affecting my lungs. It could be medication or Lupus causing my breathing issues. They did my chest x-ray yesterday and it looked good with my oxygen level at 99 (very good) so they aren't too worried, but want me to go and have a Pulmonary Breathing test done at the hospital to be sure. I had some side effects (again) from the medication they changed me to last month. I went to one of my four specialists today and he took me off of the one medication prescribed last month and changed it to two instead. I am hopeful, but I feel like I am on a merry-go-round that just isn't stopping and I am getting a queasy stomach being on it too long.
One of the problems that I have due to the Lupus in oversensitivity to medication. This is making my treatment plan very difficult to determine what is best and if I can tolerate it. I believe that the team of doctors that I am working with are truly trying their best to coordinate with one another and are trying to find the best treatment to ease my pain and other issues. I just get very frustrated sometimes and today is one of those days. I don't like trying new medications, because it seems that I always get the 1 in a million side-effect. I wish I were a gambler. All the while they are trying to keep an eye on how my liver is handling everything. I have been doing fairley well with that so far. My liver enzymes are up a bit, but not too off the chart like they get sometimes.
I am trying my best to take the prescribed medications as written, but it is getting really difficult to be on a regimen from morning 'til night. I have a great sense of empathy for those that have it so much worse than I. If all goes well this week I will be able to go see my daughter in Nashville (fingers crossed) I received the go ahead from the doctor today. Here is to another day of learning to live in the wolves den.

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